Unwinding Matters: How Financial advisor Erlloisse Magan Uses Yoga to Manage Stress

Erlloisse Magan

January 20, 2021

Erlloisse Magan Uses Yoga to Manage Stress

Erlloisse Magan Shares Tips On How To Get Started With – And Stick To – A New Yoga Practice

Many people come up with resolutions at the start of each year, vowing to commit to self-care. Few follow through. Financial advisor Erlloisse Magan credits her commitment to yoga with helping her stay focused, low-stress, and well-rested to take on what each busy day has to offer. She’s sharing her tips on how to incorporate a daily yoga practice into your routine so that you can reap the benefits of spending time on your mat. 

First, Erlloisse Magan recommends starting small. While it can feel great to attend an hour-long yoga session, this isn’t always sustainable. Starting with just a few minutes of yoga practice each day can create the start of a healthy habit. Erlloisse Magan says that it’s still a good idea to choose a dedicated time each day to commit to getting stretched out on the mat. Even if you only start with ten minutes, do your best to make sure that it’s at the same time each day. 

Erlloisse Magan also recommends starting with a simple practice. You don’t need to shell out money to purchase a streaming workout service. You can simply use free YouTube videos, or look up poses specific to your needs. Erlloisse Magan also says to keep your expectations low in the beginning – as long as you feel better by the end of your practice, you’re doing it right. Yoga is about self-acceptance, not competition, and it’s key to accept your body and your practice as-is. 

In addition to getting started with a short, simple daily practice, Erlloisse Magan recommends paying attention to how yoga principles – including self-acceptance, mindfulness, and self-awareness – can positively affect your daily life. She recommends keeping a journal to keep track of how your mind and body change as you progress through your yoga practice. While it can be fun to look back on this information, taking the time to notice the changes that happen in your mind and body can help you stay motivated to keep going strong. 

As with any new resolution, it can be helpful to get together with like-minded people in order to stay accountable. Embarking on a yoga challenge with a friend or family member (even if you just text to stay accountable) can help you continue to move forward with your daily practice, according to Erlloisse Magan