Erlloisse Magan on How She Advocates for Special Needs Families

Erlloisse Magan

May 15, 2021

Erlloisse Magan on How She Advocates for Special Needs Families

Erlloisse Magan Is a committed individual who has found success in her financial and career pursuits, as well as personal fulfillment in helping individuals and special needs families as an advocate. Helping families with children who have learning disabilities is something Erlloisse has found to be very rewarding and with some challenges as well. Through her advocacy, Erlloisse has helped numerous families navigate institutions and overcome hurdles they face for equal accommodation for their special needs.

Knowledge of Policies and Procedures

As a special needs advocate, Erlloisse Magan has learned the appropriate procedures and policies surrounding special needs issues for individuals and families. Erlloisse helps parents understand the policies of their particular school district so they can relay information better to achieve greater outcomes for children when communicating with administrators and mediators. Erloisse has taken the time to learn procedures and policies that affect special needs families.

Reviewing Laws and Documents

Advocacy requires knowledge of laws and local statutes. Advocates are not lawyers but work with the legal system to help families and children gain equal treatment and fair outcomes. Erlliosse Magan takes the time to get familiar with laws and documents that may be difficult for special needs families to understand. While she does not practice law, it is essential for her as an advocate to understand laws so she can help families better.

Helping Families Connect With Resources

As an advocate, Erlliosse helps to provide resources like connecting families with people working in institutions and legal circles who can seek further amends for grievances and disputes regarding special needs issues. This can be useful when parents don’t know who to speak to in the correct places when they want to change an injustice or unfair treatment of their special needs children. Erliosse Magan assists families with her knowledge and connections to resources.

Erlliosse Magan Takes Special Needs Advocacy Serious

Erlliosse Magan has worked hard in her professional career and has also received luminary awards for women in business. Her passion for advocating for special needs families while engaging in various public social service pursuits has enriched her life in many ways. She has helped individuals and families with hardships in the Philippines. Special needs families have turned to Erlliosse when they need advocacy for their special needs children. Seeing the benefits children with learning disabilities get from her help is the greatest reward Erlloisse Magan has received from her work.